In the spotlight

“The School Community of Eldoret (Kenya) supported by Kamieleke makes en appeal to support them to keep their school by helping to pay overdue rent claimed by the landowner.” This concerns a total sum of 1300 euros”.

We are working hard on the future of the new school of the Eldoret Sower Education project. Construction of a new school. If you want to support us please get in touch.

The school with an end in sight.

A start of a new project. Providing small loans to buy 2 sewing machines to start a business of uniforms.

The boxes of sewing machines have arrived at Eldoret school.

Fully started drawing the uniforms to be able to start a business.

The firts uniform are in full swing.

The recohnition they received for the school.

A chair donation I made. Now the teachers can finally sit and not stand all the time in their classroom.

A testimonial, a letter of motivation sent and a video from the ladies of the sewing workshop ‘Linda’s girl child foundation’.

Also an image of the beginning of the farm project…